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Welcome to our website. If you are reading this website you have already decided that the best way to feed your dog or cat is a raw food diet, or you are thinking of changing to a raw diet to improve your dog or cat health and behaviour.

PERHAPS your Dog is a ‘fussy-eater’ or just doesn’t ever seem to thrive? Maybe you’ll have heard about how Raw feeding can be beneficial to improve your dog or cat’s health and help to correct nutrition-related behaviour issues, but been unsure about what’s involved?  

Benefits of the basic raw diet:

improved digestion

reduced hyperactivity, brought about by chemicals in process food such as flavourings, colouring's (E numbers) in the same way that they effect humans

healthier skin and coat, shinier and less draggy when grooming

allergy symptoms reduced

animal weight more readily controlled

immune system strengthened

liver, pancreas and bowel health all improved

greater energy and stamina

bowel motions are firmer, smaller and tend to be less smelly

better mobility in all the animals

better animal health in general mean savings due to less trips to the vet

All the raw products that we supply are simply minced or chopped into chunks and then packed and frozen to preserve it, there are no artificial colouring's, no preservatives or even water added. The contents of each pack is just meat or meat and bone. (We do not add cheap vegetables to the product)

We also supply small quantities of product that are precooked and then frozen.

Some of the red meat minces contain bone. As dogs and cats eat raw meat and bone in nature this causes no problem with their digestive system and ensures that they get an adequate supply of calcium.

Never cook the meats that contain bone.

Cooking will make the bones brittle and less digestible making them dangerous to your animal. (Chicken, turkey, rabbit dinner & whole chicken necks)

The raw tripe can be quite smelly and some people find it a little unpleasant to give to their animal. To overcome the smell, we also supply tripe in a cooked form that greatly reduces the smell.

As raw meat and bone on its own may not contain all the nutrients required by animal, therefore it is still quite in order to feed them table scraps from your home cooking as long it is not processed or readymade foods. We suggest you also feed a degree of vegetables and herbs that your animals will eat. Add to this a raw egg and small portion of oily fish, such as sardines, each week both of which dogs will eat in the wild when available.

If you need more information, Please call on 07831 309 666 or 01566 783079 and we will do our best to help you.

Download a leaflet here

The Plus part of our business name is for the other products that we supply to support the raw meat diet. As time goes by we will add to our stock list of products things our customer’s request.

If you have a retail business in Devon and Cornwall we can supply you these raw meat products at trade, please call for details.

There are many good source of information "click here to go to wikipedia" for reference material.


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